ParentPass™ pagers allow parents to attend church services while staying constantly in touch. Parents can be silently notified during services if their presence is needed in the church nursery. JTECH’s silent notification systems promote peace of mind while establishing peaceful and serene services.

ParentPass Pager Benefits:

  • Improve child care for the whole congregation
  • Connect parents to infants and toddlers and nursery workers
  • Increase membership and improve attendance
  • Improve security
  • Provide a secure way to drop off and pick up children

ParentPass pagers have been designed by JTECH to be cost-effective and robust, making them the ideal choice for church nursery paging. Our pager units are built to be intuitive to use, simple to manage, and easy to integrate into your existing operational structure.

ParentPass™ Features:

  • Rechargeable and on-site replaceable battery
  • Rapid charging
  • Durable spring loaded belt clip or low-profile metal clip designs
  • Rugged and durable

JTECH’s wireless paging solutions will also make your internal communications faster and more efficient, with our exclusive SmartAlert® and StaffComm™ staff paging and messaging systems.  SmartAlert will allow you to send instant pages from any portable push-button transmission unit or phone extension. Using SmartAlert for your church nursery paging will help your staff:

  • Improve security and child safety
  • Reduce costs
  • Get quicker responses
  • Make your staff more efficient
  • Improve communication and information sharing

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