Over a quarter century ago, JTECH pioneered paging systems for churches and church grounds – a first in the paging industry. With JTECH pagers, you will always get the products with the best reception range, longest service life and highest value that money can buy. We offer a number of church paging solutions, with an equipment suite that includes nursery pagers, messaging applications for parents and church staff, security and medical wireless alert buttons, 2-way radios and more.

Church Nursery Pagers and Church Nursery Paging Systems

JTECH’s IntelFlex Church Nursery Paging System

Nursery Paging Systems for Churches

With church nursery pagers from JTECH, you can get in touch with parents instantly, no matter where they are on church grounds. The pagers can be used in silent mode, if so desired. This solution will allow parents to attend services, study groups and all other activities, secure in the knowledge that they will be instantly notified of any issues. Our church pagers and pager systems are fully wireless, reasonably priced and can be scaled and customized for your specific messaging needs. Our systems are designed to be simple to set up and simple to use; their power will guarantee that you will always have reception, no matter how big your facility is.

Notable Features of Our Church Nursery Pager Units and Pager Systems:

  • Page Silently and Instantly
  • Prevent Pager Loss:
    • With Search Alert, you can instantly locate pager units
    • The Out-of-Range Alert will notify parents who accidentally leave the premises without returning a pager
    • For return mail, we provide Return Postage Guaranteed/Return Address Labels upon request
  • All Call Alert
  • Batteries are Rechargeable and can be replaced by the user
  • Pagers have rapid charging mode
  • Paging systems can take advantage of 12 FCC Licensed and Shared Frequencies
  • Say goodbye to radio interference with our Unique System Code
  • Our Equipment Is the Most Reliable and Durable in the Industry

IntelFlex Church Nursery Brochure

Church Nursery Pager Units | Parent Charging Base Options

Rugged & Rechargeable Church Nursery Pagers

Church Nursery Pagers with New and Improved Rugged Housing

  • Give parents reassurance by contacting them instantly with an extremely rugged, silent and high quality pager
  • Flash Alerts and Vibrating Silent Mode Available
  • Send Alerts to One or All Pagers
  • Loss Reduction Functionality – Sonic Pager Unit Search and Exceeded Range Notification
  • If a parent accidentally takes a pager with them, Postage Guaranteed/Return Address Labels are available
  • Large and Readable Numbering
  • Save time with Quick-Charging Technology
  • Low Battery Light takes guesswork out of charging
  • Save money and effort with Rechargeable and User-Replaceable Batteries
  • No cost options include Plastic Spring-Loaded or Metal Clip

QuikText™ Rechargeable Church Nursery Pagers

Church Nursery Parent Pagers with alpha text message
  • No Buttons, Extremely Easy to Use
  • Receive Messages Hands-Free
  • Message doesn’t clear until pager receives new message or is placed in charger unit
  • Silent, Vibrating Alerts
  • High-visibility LCD Display is back-lit for easy reading in all lighting conditions
  • LED battery light indicates Low Charge
  • Save time with Rapid Recharging
  • Save money & effort with Rechargeable and User-Replaceable Batteries
  • Options include Plastic Spring-Loaded or Metal Clip

Messaging App for Parents and Staff

Parent and Staff Messaging App for Paging and Text Messaging

JTECH’s IntelFlex+ Messenger makes church nursery paging intuitive, easy to use and cheap

  • The app affords unprecedented flexibility, giving you the power to page any staff member or parent from practically anywhere, silently and instantly
  • Compatible with iPads or personal computers

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Wireless Classroom Call Buttons

With the JTECH IntelFlex Push Button Paging System, you can instantly send messages with just one button push. You can send text messages to security, audiovisual staff, medical personnel and others instantly and silently.

4 Key Push ButtonChurch Nursery_Wireless Call Buttons to Alpha Text Pager

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Two-Way Radios by Motorola


If text isn’t enough, you can use our two-day radios to communicate quickly with staff. Our Motorola radios are small and light; the fact that they’re also exceptionally durable and deliver great voice quality is what made them the #1 most popular devices on market.

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Our Long-Lived Products are Number 1 in Reliability & Durability

All our products are designed and made to be cost-effective and provide years of peak performance. It’s our commitment to quality that have made JTECH church nursery pagers and paging systems from JTECH the #1 choice for churches everywhere. Our guarantee of quality materials and workmanship will provide maximum performance and reliability for all our products.